Debra Carter Peele

Debra Carter Peele, co-founder
Dunn/Fayetteville, North Carolina
Currently Brentwood, Tennessee

Debra felt the call to start a gospel group that would sing Praises to God over 10 years ago. She resisted. She did not read a note of music and had lost much of her hearing in her right ear from an accident. In addition, she struggled with nerves when it came to singing. She had zero confidence.

Growing up in Dunn North Carolina, Debra is the daughter of an Indian Chief. With her blonde hair and blue eyes, she struggled to fit in. She longed to look like everyone else in her tribe. When it became too painful, she walked away from her family and everything that she had known and allowed bitterness to set in. After several years had gone by, she got on her knees one day in Rock Hill, South Carolina and asked God to change her life. Jesus saved her, and her heart was immediately changed. She drove to her Dad’s house and asked forgiveness for walking away. They both cried and today, they have the best father-daughter relationship. A short time later, she surrendered to the call of ministry. No one could have imagined the doors the Lord would open for the Promise Trio.

God delivered Debra from her fear of singing. Instead of singing, she began praising the Lord through her music and God took away the fear. The group is has been a top 10 Diamond Award finalist and is now up for the Vocal Group of the Year in Gospel Music.



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July 9, 2018

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